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We has been supplying spare parts for Hitachi heavy machinery around the world for over 20 years, and are proud of distribute complete range for genuine Hitachi parts with competitive pricing,and unbeatable customer service,that is why our customers can rely on us.

Therefore, you can find  complete range for genuine Hitachi components and certified will-fit parts on our website including the following:

· for Hitachi power equipment– gaskets, valves, seals, crankshaft pulleys and bearings, connecting rods, cartridges, piston rings, and turbines;

· for Hitachi fuel system– pumps, nozzles, pipelines, and hoses;

· for Hitachi hydraulics– hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hoses, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic distribution valves;

· for undercarriage– caterpillar track belts, chains and shoes, bogie wheels and carrier rollers, and drive sprockets;

· for electrical systems – starters, generators, relays, and control sensors;

· cutter heads, adapters, and blades;

· filtering elements – air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters.


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